Aboard the Legacy

Dec 1st sailing

Bob Paino aka beachboccibob

Let me tell you about the Legacy. To begin with we had the best weather we

ever had in the Caribbean for the entire week. Calm seas and blue skies every

day. Boring eh? She is a larger ship than any of the W J s and at first I was

put off by her size and look. Not the sleek look of the Mandalay. She does

sail well and they expect that it will do 8 knots under sail. I felt her

rolling once and it was just for a bit, a long and slow roll that was over in

minutes. We were never in a rough sea so I can’t tell you how steady she would

be in a rough sea.

The week we were aboard went off without any real problems. Only some flooding

of cabins caused by the salt water plumbing supply to the heads. The first

week there was a mini disaster. While they were under sail, a cable eye

holding a wire cable attached to the ships bowsprit broke from its welded

connection on the deck and the bowsprit broke away, pointing 90 degrees to

the port side of the ship. Luckily there was no damage to the hull, or the

ships figure head; (A likeness of Windjammer founder Mike Burke). This

happened as they were approaching Bequia. They motored over to St Vincent for

very $$$$$$$ repairs. Legacy Bowsprit


Nancy and I had some sailing fun this trip. We signed up for the 12 meter

yacht races in St Maarten. I’ll say this about it, It is the best thing of all

the best things, that they say is the best thing you will ever do on a

vacation excursion! They flaw is that it takes three hours to do, while the

race portion only last about 30 minutes. Cost is $55.00 per person. A Fair

price! They take a photo of the boat under sail, on the way to the starting

line and will sell you one for $30.00. It was exciting, we were leading all

the way until we made the turn on the final leg. I believe our captain blew

it, our crew was the best. Losing stinks!

Now more about the ship; the legacy has cabins on three decks. Called A B and

C decks. Admiral suites are aft on the C deck. The suites passageway doors

open out onto a large deck area where the ships activities and story time are

held. There also is a large bar on the C deck, it was still being worked on.

I helped a little, just enough to not get in the way, or become a pest. Above

the C deck over the suites is another large open deck area used for


Below C deck, on B deck, aft and directly under the admiral suites is the

dining salon. There is a stairwell from the admiral suites that takes you

down into the dining salon. Outside the dinning salon is another bar with a

small area for passengers to get together. It was set up and serving drinks.


Amidships on the B Deck, which is the deck that you board the ship, are more

cabins and a small out of the way passenger lounge.

The dinning room is very nicely done, very comfortable seating. Seating for

ten at each round table. Two buffet serving tables are located in the dinning

salon. This shortens the wait in line. They are used mainly for serving

breakfast and lunch.

There are more cabins below on A deck. The A deck is where standard cabins

are located on the other ships. By comparison all of the cabins on the Legacy

are larger and so are the heads.

Leaving port, is of course accompanied by the sound of Amazing Grace,

Unfortunately the sound system is not completely set up, so that it could barely

be heard on deck. Also they are going to change the annoying sound of the

call to attention for announcements. It was a sound, irritating noise, that

everyone complained about.

Our trip started out from Antigua, spent Tue, in St Martin, Wed. in St Barts,

Thurs. in Tortola, where we met the Grace and took on stores. We took a cab

over to Cane Garden Bay, one of the world’s beautiful beaches and spent the

day there at Stanley’s beach bar. It was extra nice that day, because we were

the only ship in port. Friday we sailed over to Virgin Gorda and spent the day

there. Had lunch at Pusser’s, played Beach Bocci, drank rum and lounged on the


We all had to leave the ship early Sat morning because the Legacy was pulling

anchor at 10 am and returning to Trinidad for final fitting. The Coast Guard

had already reviewed her and she was going to be in the ship yard for a while

before returning to Puerto Rico. We spent the best part of the final day

poolside at a quiet hotel that welcomes windjammer passengers and are allowed

to use all the facilities there .

Most of you already seem to know about this, but I am going to repeat it

anyway. It is said that Windjammer is directing promotional advertising

towards families, with children, to sail on the Legacy. It seems to be a

concern for some, but sailing out of Puerto Rico is and will be a plus for

many travelers and it will provide access to new interesting islands.