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Newfoundland and Labrador 2009


Trip Report
  Sail Windjammer  now has rescued the SV Mandalay, and operates her in the same wonderful way many of us remember  -- Laid back, barefoot, t-shirts and swimsuits all week.   The new owners are doing a WONDERFUL JOB! The ship is in better condition than I have ever seen her. Captain Sly is dedicated to giving you the best experience possible. Do Not Hesitate!  Go!

This picture gallery is from out November, 2013 trip.. We loved the trip so much, we have scheduled another trip this Spring!

      PICTURES  2013


All original photos were shot at 24 megapixels
, which means that they are of high enough resolution  that they can be blown up to 11x17 and much  larger, and produce a sharp image.  If you desire a photo, please contact me.

Windjammer Barefoot Cruises is no more.
I run across  many people who are not aware of this. The end of WJBC was ugly, to be polite. Folks were left on the dock, and hundreds of people lost lots of money on pre-paid trips and the LaMer.  Many folks have bitter memories of the end. But many of us have nice memories of the times before that last year. I, for one, chose to remember the good times, and compartmentalize and seal the bad times. As it so happens, Karen and I sailed what I think was the last full week of Windjammer, sailing Mandalay out of Panama to the Kuna Yala with Captain Casey.  This was the first week of September, 2007.  As we disembarked at the end of the week at the dock at Colon 2000, the Captain and Crew lined up on the dock and shook the hand  of each passenger as they left, with Amazing Grace playing  full blast in the background. They knew the end had come, and the crew was classy to the end.
Contact: Dean in Southern Delaware aka Eastocean