Jordan’s Trip Report


December 21-27, 1997

 Background and Arrival:

I am 38, married, with two children. But on this trip I was travelling with my three brothers, ages 29, 27 & 25. I left Columbus, Ohio on Saturday night and met up with my brothers in Atlanta. Together, we flew to Miami, arriving at 1:00 a.m. We checked in to the Airport Marriott, and left Miami on Sunday at 2:15 p.m. on BWIA. (Sound like a less than great connection–it is the one Fare Share gave me).

We flew to Barbados, and took a small propeller plane to St. Lucia. We boarded the ship at around 9:00 pm and were immediately handed a rum swizzle. We went to our cabins and unpacked. We had two standard cabins with no widows. They were small, clean, and served their purpose. The only complaint is that the air conditioning was constantly blasting–to the point where we taped over the vent.

We went back up to the dining room and proceeded to play a game of hearts, and drink more swizzles. First by the cup, and then by the pitcher. We were joined by some other late night types, and before you know it, ten of us were playing bullshit and getting pretty wasted. Eventually, we went up to the deck and hung out to about 4:30 a.m. Finally, I went to bed.

Monday,  St Lucia: We anchored off Rodney Bay, St. Lucia, and I rose at 8:30 a.m., just making story time. After a bite to eat, my one awake brother and I went to the beach and rented jet skis. In the afternoon we set sail for Dominica, and sailed the rest of the day and all night. No alcohol today.

Tuesday:  Dominica   This was tour day. We took the challenging tour and walked two hours through the jungle to a waterfall (Middleham Falls). We swam, dove off rocks, and walked back. It was a beautiful walk, although a bit arduous. Next we went to Titu Gorge, where we swam up a dark gorge to another waterfall, climbed up the waterfall, and were told about the only way to get down (“You got to jump, mon!”). So, we jumped!

At night, a band came on board and played to good island music.  One of our tour guides was in the band. Maybe he’s president too?

Wednesday: Isle de Sainte: A French possession. We walked onto the island, up a steep hill, to an old fort. Then back into town for a beer in a cafe overlooking the bay. In the afternoon, it was off to the beach for some good snorkeling. In the late afternoon, we jumped into the water from the widow’s net, between 25 and 30 feet high. It was fun, but once was enough.

Thursday: Nevis for Christmas. Since most things were closed, we went to the beach and hung out around the Sunshine Bar. We also played beach volleyball and crushed the wimps from the Poly, who were also tied up at Nevis. Then, after dinner on the ship, back to the beach for a beach party, with a band playing next to the Sunshine Bar (selling “killer bees” for $2). [Good rumor: two Poly passengers arrested and released in St. Bart for copulating on the tarmac of the local airport.]

Friday: Antigua: I spent the morning lying on the deck, but my brothers went of an off-road bike trip. It turned out to be led by the Antiguan Olympic bike team, and it was quite a ride! The afternoon was spent on the beach, snorkeling and swimming. That night was the Captain’s Dinner. There was a casino available that night. I slept through it, but my brothers left their remaining funds in Antigua.

Saturday: We left early on a BWIA flight to Miami, and I caught standby flights home. Otherwise, my reserved flight was not until the next day (Thank you, Fare Share).

A note on celebrities: We had two: Congressman Jay Dickey (R-Arkansas) and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who plays Tommy Solomon on Third Rock from the Sun.

Also, I met some people I had met over the internet before the trip. This was fun too.

Final comments: A great trip, truly relaxing, with great weather. I recommend Windjammer to anyone, but suggest you look into making your own flight arrangements if possible.