Karen and I began sailing on Tall Ships in 1988, on the former Windjammer Barefoot Cruises. Since then, we have sailed at least 1 week ( to as many as 3 weeks) each year. We started on Yankee Clipper the first 2 years, then began sailing on the other ships, Mandalay, Flying Cloud, Fantome, Polynesia and Legacy. We never sailed on the supply ship, Amazing Grace.

Some of the most memorable trips include:

  • Our first on Yankee Clipper Clipper (Antigua -North) and the next year (Antigua South)
  • Flying Cloud  1996 , BVI’s and going through Hurricane Bertha
  • Fantome in Belize and Honduras
  • Fantome, repositioning trip 1997,   3 weeks, Playa Del Carmen to Trinidad   (and month earlier we did the Belize trip, for a total of 4 weeks)
  • Trips in the ABC’s
  • Trips to Grenada to Venezuela (and a tour to Angel Falls)
  • Mandalay , multiple trips to the Kuna Yala (San Blas) in Panama

When WJBC went “Belly Up”,   we search and found another company Canadian Sailing Expeditions  on the Caledonia. Unfortunately, it was short lived, but our 2 trips were memorable

  • St Maarten to Antigua , including the first cruise ship to  stop at Montserrat after the volcano erupted
  • 2 weeks in Newfoundland and Labrador – a “Once in a Lifetime Trip”


Now  we sail several weeks a year on Mandalay, with Sail Windjammer Sailwindjammer.com. The company and owners (including Capt Sly)  are fantastic. We have sailed:

  • Being aboard when a replacement foremast was stepped  May, 2015
  • Sailing out of Grenada to our favorite areas
  • 2-week trips Grenada to St Lucia and back
  • St Maarten to Grenada (2 weeks, a trip report is upcoming in early May)
  • If you are ion Bequia between Now and April/May, check out the Mandalay model under construction at the Sargent Brothers shop… It is ours!