Now for something completely different!

During the hiatus in the Windjammer story, we sailed in the Caribbean and in Canada with Canadian Sailing Expeditions, also now a defunct company.

The trip report is in Story Time Archives. A once-in-a-lifetime event!

Here are pictures from the Canadian trip, which took us further North than I ever thought we would sail.

Here you will see a different landscape, whales and icebergs and the first European settment in North America by the Vikings in about 1000 AD..

We sailed from Norris Point, Newfoundland, and headed north. We reached Battle Harbour, which was the last land touched by Admiral Peary before his attempt at reaching the North Pole. It was also where he gave his famous 3-day news conference in 1909 upon his return..

The trip was in honor of John Barnett, whom 100 years earlier was the Captain of the ship that took Adm. Peary north for his final assault on the North Pole. This trip was in August 2009.


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